Registration of companies and opening accounts abroad

Open an account in a foreign bank in two weeks
– quickly and easily.
Full compliance with the standard
Service meets international AML-standards (6th AMLD, FATF)
Partnership with international banks
The most convenient operating banks will be available to you
Representatives abroad
Partners and representatives in more than 30 countries
Offices in Yerevan and Ontario
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Maintenance of international projects

Dozens of services are involved in the registration of international companies, but only a few of them help to open corporate accounts in international banks. We offer you both these options and a full range of related services.
We have accumulated rich experience of interaction with international banks and understand the specifics of interaction with them. Therefore, with our help you will open an account after pre-acceptance with the maximum probability.

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We will represent ourselves, offer several options and find solutions for your problems

Not sure which country to choose?

We will represent in detail each one and help to make a right choice of jurisdiction specifically for ypur business.

We accompany the client all the time from registration of international company to opening an account abroad.
Free consultation
What are we doing?
We find out needs and tasks, check information of beneficiaries and contractors in international databases, we select the jurisdiction for registration of the company and the best financial institution for making payments.
Preliminary overview of possible options.
Analysis and selection of solutions
What are we doing?
According to the results of analysis we select the optimal solution considering international standards and your requirements. We get preliminary approval for guaranteed account opening.
Application form, international passport, proof of address.
Optimal solution and preliminary approval of an application for opening an account
Set of documents
What are we doing?
We form the minimum required set of documents for the service provision. We apply for registration of a company and/or opening an account.
The minimum set of documents depending on the service
Submission of documents for service provision.
What are we doing?
We give you the legalized documents of your registered company and bank account details.
Registered international company and current account. Or one of these options of your choice.
Required documents
Required documents for registration of a company and pre-acceptance of an application for opening an account.
Application form
Proof of address
Don`t want to deal with documents?

We will form most of the necessary documents ourselves and we will help to prepare the rest.